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A word to be shouted whenever you feel like it for no reason whatsoever.


Shabba (shah-buh) slang term for molly; mostly for naming mdma, but also could be referencing mda, methylone or mephedrone. When referencing to anything other than mdma, it is normally specified.


A bear, a wolf, a fruit (real or imaginary). Shabba describes both the act of and the product used to chew dipping tobacco.

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Shabba Ranks is a Jamaican dancehall musician. He was one of the most popular dancehall artists of his generation. Also the title of an A$AP Ferg song.


Shaba is a name for a female used in some Islamic countries like Maldives. It refers to an Arabic word ( شابة,شبة ) that means "young" in feminine and also used to refer to a beautiful thing to tell something is much beautiful and vital. The word was used by the ancient Arabs to name a male "Shab" and a female "Shaba,Shabba" specially in a tribe called "banou sha...


when somebody shanks you whilst you are singing a Shabba Rank song

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Conjugation of Shabbat Shalom, greeting on the Jewish sabbath, as coined by Eric Levine


A word to be shouted whenever you feel like it for no reason whatsoever. shabba definition by Urban Dictionary.


What Does Shabba Mean? Shabba is a term that is used as a nickname of sorts for the concept behind Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest in which an observant Jew cannot work. On Shabbat, the day of rest, Jewish people do more than just sleep in late as they have time to set aside to appreciate the wonders of the world and reflect on their path with God.