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1. Invite students to research a local landmark, such as a historical site or community park. After researching the history of the site and touring it in person, encourage students to brainstorm ways your class could improve the landmark for visitors while maintaining its historical integrity. 2. Sponsor a service learning craft club.


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Service-learning activities are pre-approved by the director of student affairs and align with a specific set of learning outcomes. Service-learning activities that emphasize specific learning outcomes allow students the opportunity to integrate classroom learning in a community context, extending learning and practice beyond institutional ...


What is Service Learning or Community Engagement?. Print Version By Joe Bandy, Assistant Director, CFT What is Service Learning or Community Engagement? Benefits of Community Engagement Models of Community Engagement Teaching Ways to Integrate Community Engagement into an Existing Course Community engagement pedagogies, often called “service learning,” are ones that combine learning goals ...


programs. Combining community service activities with the study of social issues can give students additional ideas for how they can contribute to meaningful societal change and can strengthen service-learning activities by helping students learn the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to participate in improving the larger society.


Service Learning is a teaching strategy that ties course curriculum and concepts with service in the community. Students who participate create learning objectives around their course and connect them to the service experience. Service Learning helps students enhance course learning, gain valuable skills for employment and improve their views ...


Here is a list of service projects for kids and opportunities for kids to volunteer within their community that will empower kids with responsibility, engage their compassion, and offer them the chance to affect the lives of others. Service projects to serve the elderly, service projects working with younger children, service projects that help the environment… locally and globally, kids can ...


Service-learning can be an incredible, life-changing educational experience for high school and college students. But what is it? This guide breaks down the difference between service-learning and community service, goes in-depth on the types of service-learning opportunities students can pursue and gives a school administrator and student’s take on the benefits.


Service learning is essential for students of every age. But kids’ first service learning experiences must be enjoyable in order to establish a lifelong passion for giving back. The key is to provide an authentic, memorable volunteerism experience, all the while making service learning fun for ...


The following list created by the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse gives a sense of the many ways students can apply instruction and practice needed skills through helping others. Full-scale projects include formal linkages with coursework, and part of the student grade is tied to the service-learning activities.