PHP is a computer programming language used in web development and server-side scripting. The acronym originally stood for "Personal Home Page," but the term has been adapted into a recursive backronym for "PHP: Hypertex... More » Technology Computer Programming

To build a website for free, you must find a free web hosting service to publish your website on the Internet. This is as easy as doing a search for 'free web hosting' in the search engine of your choice. More » Technology Internet & Networking

One of the greatest advantages of Visual Basic is that its structure is simple, especially the executable code. It is also an integrated development environment (IDE) with easy-to-use tools and utilities that allows for ... More »

In order to use PHP on a Windows computer, you must install and configure a web server. Apache is one commonly used option, which is available for download at PHP is a server-side scripting language available... More » Technology Computer Programming

Node.js is a runtime system developed to facilitate the creation of networking and server-side applications. Applications developed using Node.js are written using Javascript, and the system is compatible with Windows, L... More » Technology Computer Programming

ASP.NET is a web development application used for building dynamic web pages. It is a open source program designed and developed by Microsoft. The application is built on the Common Language Runtime, which means that it ... More » Technology Computer Programming

PHP stands for Personal Home Page tools; the extension .php is generally used to refer to dynamic web content and server-side scripting language. PHP code is interpreted by a web server with a PHP processor module, which... More »