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seniority rule unwritten rule in both houses of Congress reserving the top position in each chamber; particularly committee chairmanships, for the members with the longest record of service standing committee


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Therefore, the seniority system develops an entire working culture and environment of the company. It improves energy and working behaviour of the company. Designing a Seniority System in a Company: 1. All the primary rules which manage the seniority system in a company should be mentioned clearly. 2.

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Seniority rule definition is - a rule in the U.S. Congress by which members have their choice of committee assignments in order of rank based solely on length of service.


The seniority rule refers to a custom in the United States Congress that grants committee chairmanship to a majority party member who has served on the committee for the longest amount of time. Service time on the committee must be unbroken for the seniority rule to be applied.


The seniority rule protects those who have achieved seniority from being laid off. Unions have their own rules regarding lay off but generally, protections are in place to ensure newer employers ...


Seniority rule is the rule in some work places that length of tenure is the defining value in ability to move into a new job or a promotion. In other words, the person who is there the longest has ...


The term "seniority system" is used to describe the practice of granting special perks and privileges to members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives who have served the longest. The seniority system has been the target of numerous reform initiatives over the years, all of which have failed to prevent the most senior members of Congress from amassing tremendous power.


Job Security. Another way seniority can be important to unions and their members is that it may determine which workers remain employed and retain union membership in the event of layoffs.


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