Finding the best high school senior project idea involves finding something that the student is passionate about, that challenges them and that allows them to apply their knowledge. The project should involve at least 20... More »

Senior project ideas include shadowing adults in professions of interest, producing showcases or videos, developing awareness campaigns for causes, or implementing improvements on the high school campus. Senior projects ... More » Education Homework Help

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To get a copy of a high school transcript, call the school that the student went to and ask which websites have access to student transcripts. Two websites to get a copy of a high school transcript from are More »

The oldest age a student could be enrolled in a high school program was 20 prior to 2009. Following the 21st birthday, the person was considered no longer eligible. A new statute was passed in 2008 that raised the age to... More »

The Latin honor "summa cum laude" is usually awarded to a student who graduated with highest honors from high school. This distinction is typically awarded to students graduating with a GPA of 4.0 and above. Other honors... More »

A high school transcript shows high school grades, the classes a student took in high school and GPA, says Christa Fletcher for Campus Explorer. Depending on the school, the transcript may also include other information,... More »