You can send money through the phone with Western Union Finance by using Western Union's Money in Minutes service, explains Western Union. This service allows you to send money by phone to over 200 countries worldwide. More »

A secure and inexpensive way of sending money is by using money orders, states the USPS. Other money order providers include MoneyGram and Western Union. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

As of April 2015, MoneyGram does not provide its customers with an option to send money over the phone, according to the company's official website. Customers can send money either online at MoneyGram's website or in per... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

To send money online via Western Union, log into or create a profile, click on the Money in Minutes link, enter the receiver’s information, and fund the transfer with a credit or debit card. A confirmation email with a m... More »

The cost to send money using Western Union varies based on the amount of money sent and the sending and receiving locations. Fees also vary by the method chosen to send the money as well as where and how the recipient re... More »

Western Union has special tracking codes that it calls Money Transfer Control Numbers, or MTCN, which are essentially tracking numbers. Whenever a person uses the company for a money transfer service, it gives the sender... More »

As of March 2015, a debit card can be used to send money online through MoneyGram or Western Union's Money In Minutes, as their respective websites state. Both services make the funds available to the receiver in approxi... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking