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If you possess a set of precious loose gemstones, you can be both happy and perturbed. Happy because they can fetch you good money, and perturbed because if you sell at the wrong places, you can be ripped off! So, do your research beforehand and get your gems sold at a reasonable price. This CrystalBenefits article gives you some helpful tips on how to sell loose gemstones the right way.


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Ralph Mueller & Associates, an Arizona diamond and platinum buying company, suggests avoiding pawn shops when selling gems, as they are certain to offer only a small fraction of what the gem is worth. The jewelry company advises selling to a local or online jeweler as probably the most convenient and quickest option for selling a gemstone.


The ground-breaking auction platform at Worthy is designed to get you the best deal when selling your gemstones online. Sell now. The ground-breaking auction platform at Worthy is designed to get you the best deal when selling your gemstones online. ... Only accept cash and take it immediately to the bank and deposit it. Take Pictures Worth a ...


Sell Loose Diamonds. Getting the best price when you sell loose diamonds is a difficult and time consuming process, as it requires that you find a specialist to get the best possible price in the market. Selling to pawnshops or jeweler shops generally results in you, the seller, not realizing the highest possible price for the stone.


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Whether you are looking to sell a gifted piece of designer gemstone jewelry, get rid of jewelry you no longer wear, upgrade your collection or simply make some extra cash, selling your designer gemstone jewelry doesn’t have to be a stressful venture.


Although it can be difficult to sell loose gemstones if they are not set in jewelry, they are often easy to sell to local jewelers and on online auction houses such as eBay. Local jewelers frequently accept legitimate, non-commercial sources of loose gemstones at discounted prices.