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Some fun relationship quizzes for couples to explore include "Are You Realistic About Relationships?" and "Is Your Body Language Saying the Wrong Thing?" Some other quizzes to try out are "Do You Need Relationship Counseling?" and "Will You Have Domestic Bliss?" MyLifetime.com offers all of these qu


The Attention Deficit Disorder Association offers a downloadable ADD quiz for adults. After the questionnaire is completed, the patient's score is determined based on the frequency of certain symptoms. However, the test is meant for screening, and not diagnosis, of potential cases of adult ADD, note


The Jung Typology Profiler for Workplace and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are popular personality tests used by many companies and organizations in the hiring process and with their existing employees. Other professional personality tests include the DISC Behavior Inventory and the Big Five Perso


Personality quizzes generally follow two different formats. The first format asks the test taker to rate themselves; the second format asks one to choose between different statements. These questions measure how one likes to work or their personal behavioral preferences.


Some online quizzes on the topic of stress that may be helpful are available on the websites of the Greater Good Science Center and Mental Health America. Stress has been linked to many health problems, including hypertension, depression, heart disease and immune suppression, according to PsychCentr


A common reading comprehension quiz involves asking a student to read a text, appropriate to his age or grade level, and to respond to questions that require answers implied by the text or to retell or summarize the story. Known as informal reading inventories, various commercial versions of this ty


Companies offering self-esteem tests as of 2015 include PsychTests.com, NetDoctor.com, and Queendom.com. Some of these tests offer the option of purchasing more detailed reports if desired.


Some ?impossible? online quizzes include ?The Impossible Quiz? and ?The Impossible Quiz 2.? While both quizzes are not actually impossible, most people who play them never reach the end.


PrimaryGames.com and Quizzes.net are both websites that offer a variety of Christmas and Santa Claus themed quizzes. If you are interested in making your own quiz, the history of Santa Claus is filled with many interesting facts that make for good quiz questions.


Some reading comprehension quizzes online are reading comprehension worksheets offered by EnglishForEveryone.org, reading comprehension exercises by MrNussbaum.com and practice tests to prepare for the Scholastic Assessment Test offered by MajorTests.com. These quizzes involves reading short passage