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Inappropriate or poorly timed self-disclosure can sometimes lead to embarrassment and can even damage relationships. Successful self-disclosure hinges on a variety of factors, including the type of relationship people share, the setting in which this information is relayed, and the current level of intimacy shared by those involved.


Part of what the therapist provides is the opportunity to be genuine and open in an interpersonal relationship. Self-disclosure in a marital relationship was a strong predictor of marital ...


The social penetration theory argues that self-disclosure increases in breadth and depth as a relationship progresses, like peeling back the layers of an onion. We engage in social comparison through self-disclosure, which may determine whether or not we pursue a relationship.


Although level of self-disclosure and personal relationships are not synonymous concepts, self-disclosure plays an important role in constructing what kind of relationships individuals have with each another. 1 Self-disclosure, depending on reactions of relationship partners, also plays an important role in validating self-worth and personal ...


Self-Disclosure in Intimate Relationships: A study As hypothesized, positive associations were found between self-disclosure and the individual characteristics of self-esteem, relationship esteem (confidence as an intimate partner), and responsiveness and satisfaction.


I feel it is unwise to have self disclosure in a relationship unless you are certain the other person loves you. If they don't it could lead to the end of a relationship from being too open.


Self-disclosure is a method of relationship maintenance, aiming to keep partners satisfied with their relationship. Partners learn a shared communication system, and disclosures are a large part of building that system, which has been found to be very beneficial in highly satisfying relationships.


Although self–disclosure has been shown to be correlated with a num-ber of individual–level and relational–level variables and has been hy-pothesized to ebb and flow over the course of a relationship, no extensive literature concerns self–disclosure in ongoing relationships over time. Thus, the current research attempts to provide ...


Hi, I totally agree that self-disclosure brings people together, and have had relationships evolve because of it. However, I had an interesting experience recently with a new roommate.


There are degrees of self-disclosure, ranging from relatively safe (revealing your hobbies or musical preferences), to more personal topics (illuminating fears, dreams for the future, or fantasies). Typically, as relationships deepen and trust is established, self-disclosure increases in both breadth and depth.