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Seed The seed is the embryo of a plant. Sort of like a baby plant. Seeds come in all sizes shapes and colors depending on the type of plant. Inside the seed is a plant embryo, food for the embryo, and a seed coat to protect it. Seeds may be dispersed by a number of ways including air, water, and animals.


A seed is the embryo of a new plant and as such is a living thing ,but in a dormant state, which requires being buried in soil or other suitable matter to trigger off the renewal process.


The difference between seed plants and seedless plants is that seedless plants do not bear seeds for propagation, whereas seed plants bear seeds for multiplication. The plant kingdom is traditionally divided into four main divisions, i.e Thallophyta, Bryophyta, Pteridophyta and Spermatophyta. Plants in division Spermatophyta are characterized by the presence of seeds and are called seed plants ...


B. Spore Prints. A mushroom produces spores instead of seeds. Fungi are sessile (immobile). Unlike animals, they cannot walk or fly to new habitats. Their immobility generally leaves only two ways for fungi to extend their range: they can grow into an adjoining area, or disperse spores or seeds. Most fungal spores are single cells.


Ferns and Horsetails - First Plants with Pipes These are the first of the vascular plants you will study. Mosses and worts are non-vascular. The ferns were the first plant species to develop a circulatory system that lets them grow larger. They have roots, leaves, stems, and trunks.


Fungi start life as tiny spores. When a spore lands on favorable real estate (depending upon the species this might be a slice of bread, a fallen log, or a pile of leaves) it sends out a thin, hair-like tube called a hypha (plural hyphae). The hypha secretes enzymes that break down the chosen food source.


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Seed definition is - the grains or ripened ovules of plants used for sowing. How to use seed in a sentence. ... Kids Definition of seed (Entry 1 of 2) 1: ... (as a spore or a tiny dry fruit) other than a true seed by which a plant reproduces itself. 3: the descendants of one individual. 4: ...


The chaff is the dry husk of seeds, it will be a lighter in weight so if you hold the envelope that you used to collect the spores at a slight angle and gently tap it against the table the chaff should separate out. Though it wouldn't be a problem if they get sprinkled onto the soil with the spores.