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The Black Monukka grape is a hardy, seedless European variety. ... Grape vines are an attractive addition to any garden and can be trained to grow up arbors ...


The world's largest seedless black grape variety to be known as Black Opal ... The vines require a long growing season and perform badly in cool damp areas or ...


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Canadice. Canadice Canadice produces compact clusters with medium size, pink to light red seedless berries. A slipskin variety with tender and edible skin with a


Juicy, round grapes with excellent flavor ripen in large clusters, and the vines are very hardy. Plant Patent 11012. It has excellent flavor: exquisitely rich and fruity, ...


Growing and maintaining healthy grapevines in Minnesota home gardens. ... grapes are generally more cold-hardy and vigorous than newer seedless varieties.


Canadice. An incredibly versatile, easy-to-grow seedless grape that does it all, from snacks to salads to jelly, juice, & wine. Has a sweet, great grape flavor with a  .....


Gardener's Supply Marquis Grapes-buy these seedless white Marquis grapes that are bursting with sweetness. Mature plants will yield 15-20 pounds annually.


Dec 5, 2012 ... It is one of the few seedless grapes that I don't object to the skin. ... grape intro from Cornell (therefore hardy), but I needed a license to grow it.