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Secondary School Revision papers are based on termly examinations which assess students’ learning behaviour. Schools Net Kenya provides these revision papers on a termly basis. The papers cover all subject areas from Form 1, Form 2, Form 3 to Form 4. The Revision Papers are provided for FREE of charge.


The government has started preparations to roll out the 2-6-6-3 curriculum to Grade 5 after publishers were asked to submit learning materials for evaluation. The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development will evaluate and approve materials to be used for teaching and learning in schools.


The first-class or year of secondary school is known as form 1 and the final year is form 4. At the end of the fourth year, from October to November students sit for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination. In 2008, the government introduced plans to offer free Secondary education to all Kenyans.


An Overview of Schools Net Kenya E-learning Platform. Elearning-Schools Net Kenya (EL-SNK) is a Moodle-based Learning Management System (LMS) developed by Schools Net Kenya. The platform is developed with the aim of providing e-learning environment in order to meet the growing demand for online digital education solutions in an ever-evolving world.


The 8-4-4 system of education which started in 1985 is coming to an end to pave away for Kenya’s new 2-6-6-3 (2-6-3-3-3) education curriculum framework. Reports indicate that new education curriculum will be tested starting May 2017 in a few selected schools by the ministry of education led by CS Fred Matiangi and KICD.


Secondary school education starts right after primary school education. There are government schools, private schools and Harambee schools. Government schools are broadly divided into national schools, provincial schools and district schools. Students with top tier scores in the KCPE exam, typically go to national schools.


The rapid expansion at the secondary level has been the result of the vigorous harambee schools movement that has led to the establishment of numerous community secondary schools. Only about 50 percent of pupils that sit for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) get places in secondary school.


Education and Senior School. Image below presents a summary of the structural model. Basic education model of new curriculum 2-6-6-3 system in Kenya/Photo . 1) Early Years Education (5 year): Pre-primary and Lower primary. This shall comprise two years of pre-primary and three years of lower primary school education. Pre-primary Education