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To operate a Sears garage door opener, you must first program the opener to accept the remote control code. Then simply use the push button feature on the garage door remote. If you have the keypad feature, you must program it to accept a secure four-digit code.


A garage sale is a private sale at an individual's home where the owner sells their personal belongings. Garage sales often take place in the garage, but they may also take place on the driveway, lawn or patio. Other names for these types of sales include lawn, yard, rummage or moving sales.


The best time of year to hold a garage sale is when the weather is pleasant. More specifically, the best time to hold a garage sale is on the weekend, from morning until mid-afternoon.


Some online garage sale sites include The Online Yard Sale and VarageSale. Both sites allow users to list and sell household items and possession for free online.


There are many different sites where garage sale listings can be found online, including Craigslist, GarageSales, Gsalr, VarageSale and YardSaleSearch. These sites allow users to search for sales in their area or advertise their own sales on the site, often for free.


Tips for organizing a garage sale include collecting clutter in advance, developing a plan, teaming up, and choosing the right location and timing. Putting clear price stickers on all the items for sale helps customers to know exactly how much to pay for the items they are interested in buying.


RealSimple.com and GarageSalesTracker.com have garage sale pricing guides that suggested prices for a variety of items. TheFunTimesGuide.com has some additional tips for finding the potential value of items and pricing them accordingly.


As of 2015, information regarding appliance sales at Sears are displayed on the official Sears website at Sears.com, under the section Appliance Hot Buys, Appliance Featured Deals. Sales on this site include refrigeration appliances, washers, dryers and cooking appliances.


To locate garage sales in a specific area, look for sale notices in newspapers and bulletin boards or scout online sources. Advertisements can give shoppers an idea of where sales are located and what different sellers are offering.


Determining garage sale pricing requires following the "one-third" rule, researching item values and pricing items slightly higher to allow room for bickering, notes Money Crashers. When determining garage sale pricing, sellers can also consider pricing items in lots.