Like many email providers, Hotmail has its own directory which can be searched to find the emails of users. The directory contains all of the usernames and passwords used in the Hotmail system. More » offers a powerful search tool to assist in finding the social media accounts for people. By aggregating and searching an enormous amount of data, makes it simple to search for a person by his name... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To check email on Hotmail, users log in to their accounts at, and the inbox, with all incoming emails, is presented. The junk folder is just beneath the inbox. This is where unsolicited emails are found, but ... More » Technology E-mail

Microsoft's Hotmail differs from other emails in many ways including offering unlimited storage space compared to Gmail, which gives its users 15 gigabytes of storage. Hotmail, which transitioned to become Outlook in 201... More » Technology E-mail

To reactivate an expired Hotmail account, visit the Hotmail website and sign in with your Hotmail email address and password. Click “Activate My Account” and accept the terms of use on the subsequent page. Click “Continu... More »

Failure to sign in to Hotmail (rebranded to Outlook) is typically due to things such as entering an incorrect email address or password, typing with the Caps Lock activated, or a maintenance or outage problem. A hacker m... More »

As of April 2013, Hotmail users must log into their email accounts through Microsoft’s upgraded email service, Typing into a Web browser now automatically forwards a user to the new l... More »