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Welcome to Tricia's Custom Made Slipcovers (No Ready Mades) Slipcovers pinfitted in your home.You can still have your sofa, chair. cushions.while slipcovers are being made!!!!! There is no store. By Appointment only 100% Cotton Fabrics Only


They were literally perfect for our space, and lucky for me, I know a professional seamstress who makes custom slipcovers out of her home… just a few miles away from me. So I sent her the measurements, she told me how much fabric to buy, and quoted me a price.


How to Make Slipcover Patterns. Related Book. ... After you pin your muslin, remove the muslin and, using a baste stitch, start sewing your pieces together, making sure to check the “slipcover” as you sew every few seams to make sure the fit is correct. Hem the bottom.


Quoted price includes our fabric and labor. SlipcoverShop.com offers extensive fabric selection and dedicated to creating custom furniture slipcovers that are perfectly tailored for your specific furniture and cushions style. We make anything from pillow sham to a large sectional slipcover with sofa bed function. All Made in USA.


Richard Rain. I have been a slipcover cutter, designer for 38 years. My workroom is located in Ellicott City, Maryland. I service: Baltimore, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and surrounding counties. My experience is not only with tight fitted slipcovers. but also with the loose look and many. different kind of decorative covers. Decorators ...


A step-by-step tutorial on how to make a sofa slipcover. ... I have about 2 yards left over after completing the slipcover. I decided to move my sewing station to the living room to make the process a little easier. After making the piping for the slipcover and sewing the cushions with a zipper enclosure. My couch was being to look a little better.


The Slipcover Maker’s Guide to Making Welt Cord. Leave a reply. Welt cord is one of the most popular trims used on slipcovers. It gives definition to seams and adds a tailored finish. Trimming your slipcover with welt cord is a personal choice. It’s more decorative than functional even though it does a pretty good job at adding strength to ...


Custom Made Slipcovers With Designer Slipcover Fit, Quality & Style . Our custom made sofa and armchair slipcovers are made to the size and form of your furniture, just like the ones you can get from designer workshops, but for a fraction of the cost.


Doris's slipcovers BEFORE AFTER ... after talking with her on the phone I decided to have her make the slipcoverfor a wing back chair I have had for many years. Tricia came to my home, measured, pinned, and cut the fabric in professional and quick manner. Her ease while doing this hard work just amazed me.


For more than 30 years Peggy Jeffries has offered high-end custom slipcovers and upholstery to the public from her workroom in Akron, Ohio, now Peggy is sharing her experience and expertise through a how-to slipcover video or You Can slipcover a chair.