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Like a swimmer at the beach, seashells need a good shower before they're ready for the house, or for use in your favorite craft. Getting all the grit out of the shells by hand is a challenge; instead, slip them into the utensil basket of the dishwasher, and run them through a cycle. They'll be clean and ready for display when they come out.


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The season of seashells is here! Here are 18 of the best seashell crafts around for you to finally tackle that massive pile of sea shells you just couldn’t leave behind! Make keepsakes and practical stuff, gifts and accessories using shells of all shapes and sizes! There are endless things to make with nature!


The lid of a cardboard or papier-mache box is the ideal place to display a few prized specimens. Paint the sides and lid of the box with artist's acrylic paint in a color found on some of the shells, such as the raw sienna shown. After the paint is dry, arrange the shells on the lid, take a digital photo, then remove all shells.


Sea shell art and crafts are one of many ways to use natural treasures you find on the beach and add charming and unique accents enhancing your interior decorating. You can create seashell ornaments for your Christmas tree and sea shell crafts for accent wall decor or design amazing seashell ...


Just love all the shell craft ideas! Now I can use all the sea shells I’ve collected from my trips to Myrtle Beach Sc, Cape Cod, Ma and Florida-my husband always complains that I bring all these shells home in the car…(in the trunk in baggies)… He says, I never will use them all, Ha, now, I will show him!


These seashell crafts for adults were designed by our readers and are tried and true ways to add a bit of seashell style to your home. Perfect for your bathroom, beach house, or summer home décor DIY crafts, these 24 Craft Ideas for Seashells are sure to transform your space.


Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials. Whether you write them as seashells or sea shells, they are a treasure to find. I don't live near the ocean, but I have a sister who has given me many finds from the ocean ...


I see seashells by the sea… or doesn’t the rhyme go something like that? I forget.. but what I DO know, is that my kids LOVE collecting shells – all the time. They are irresistible, so I thought it would be nice for us to have a Shell Craft Ideas hangout for you and create this sea shell craft ...


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