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Most sea sponges are detrivorous, meaning they consume organic debris and various microbes that drift through ocean currents. Harp sponges, however, are carnivorous and use hooks located on their arms to catch shrimp and other small animals.


Sea sponges are bottom-dwelling, multi-cellular animals. Most sea sponges attach themselves to the ocean floor, other sea animals or rocks for the duration of their lives. A small number of sea sponges are mobile creatures that move along the ocean floor at the rate of 1 to 3 millimeters per day.


Sea Foam is a petroleum-based engine cleaner that can be added to gas or diesel fuel to help remove carbon buildup and other gunk from an engine. It should be used every 2,000 to 5,000 miles.


Sea Foam engine treatment works, according to Does It Really Work. Sea Foam is an automobile cleaning treatment that helps eliminate build-up in the engine.


To make sea foam candy, cook brown and white sugar, corn syrup, water and salt in a heavy saucepan on the stove top until the mixture reaches 260 degrees Fahrenheit, and then pour the mixture into stiffly beaten egg whites. Continue beating, and add vanilla and pecan flavorings. When stiff peaks for


Sponges used for cleaning are made of either artificial or natural fibers. Artificially produced sponges are made of cellulose fiber or melamine fiber, while natural sponges are made from underwater animals also called sponges or from gourds known as loofahs. Most sponges in use as of 2014 are artif


Three examples of sponges are the calcareous sponges, glass sponges and demospongiae. These all fall under the main category of porifera, the scientific name for sponges.


Sponges are important because of their roles in recycling nutrients and the part they play in the coral reef life cycle. For instance, sponges break down complex organic material into food for other things living on the coral reefs.


Sea sponges are animals that live on the ocean floor. After human beings harvest and dry them, the sponges serve as the household tool many people use to bathe and wash dishes and cars, among other items.


Foam is made when pockets of gas form inside a liquid substance. There are several different types of foam, from the foam that forms on a glass of soda to the polyurethane foam used to manufacture furniture upholstery.