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Size six ear gauges are considered to be larger than average. Most earlobes are initially pierced with an 18- or 20-gauge needle. Gauge sizes typically range between size 20 and 00, with 00 being the largest.


The thickness of standard 10 gauge steel is 0.1345 inches. The gauge numbers of alloys such as steel refer to the thickness of a sheet piece. However, the gauge number for steel also can vary depending on its specific type, such as galvanized or stainless steel.


Sixteen-gauge wire, measured by the American Wire Gauge standard, carries a current of 22 amperes for chassis wiring and 3.7 amperes for power transmission. This gauge of wire is 0.0508 inches in diameter and features a resistance of 4.016 ohms per 1,000 feet.


The most common architectural sheet metal gauge sizes are 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26, according to NorthClad.com in 2012. Vista-Industrial.com lists some gauges for common sheet metal types for steel and aluminum ranging from seven to 28, as of 2016.


Size 8 gauge, or 8G, jewelry, is a mid-thickness gauge that can be used in any body piercing. While there are standards based on the piercing location and individual body types, a piercing can be stretched incrementally to accept almost any gauge.


CerroWire.com, AllenElectric.com, Gore.com, LugsDirect.com and Powerstream.com have ampacity charts that show the correct wire gauge to use for the intended amperage draw. Calculate the amperage draw by adding the wattage of each electrical device attached to the circuit, and then divide the sum by


A pressure gauge allows a fluid to enter from the item or equipment being measured and reacts by moving a calibrated rod inside it. The pressure can be correctly read when the rod has moved to its maximum position.


The zero error of a micrometer screw gauge occurs when the flat end of the screw touches the stud or anvil, and the gauge reads other than zero. If there is an error, it results in a positive or negative calculation. However, well-calibrated micrometers that are in good condition measure close to ze


After size 00 ear gauges are expressed as fractions of an inch, or whole inches, such as one-half, three-quarters and one inch. Typically, gauges past 00 are plugs for stretching existing piercings.


Screw size charts are available at the websites of W. L. Fuller, Inc., Engineers Edge and Jamestown Distributors. All of these websites also offer additional information about choosing the right screws for a particular project.