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Wire a fuel gauge by first disconnecting the old dysfunctional unit to replace it with a new one. Obtain 12-volt power from the fuse box using a standard wire, and connect it to the positive terminal of the fuel gauge. Next, connect a wire from the float on the fuel tank to the negative terminal of


To make a rain gauge, you need a 2-liter plastic bottle, duct tape, scissors, a laminated paper ruler, small pebbles, water and a marker. The process takes approximately 10 minutes or less and creates a functional rain gauge.


Train Sets Only and the National Model Railroad Association both offer a model train gauge guide. Both gauge guides list all common track sizes and include model-to-prototype size dimensions for each.


G-gauge trains are large, durable models that are suited to an outdoor setting, such as a backyard or garden. The trains, their tracks and their accessories are designed to endure bright sunlight and inclement weather.


A mechanical temperature gauge uses a Bourdon tube filled with temperature-sensitive liquid to indicate temperature, while an electrical model uses a variable-resistance unit that varies current to the dial as temperatures change. Most modern vehicles use electrical gauges as the mechanical versions


There are three primary types of air pressure gauges: digital, dial and stick, and the best choice depends on your available budget and gauging needs. To check air pressure in dark areas, using an illuminated face gauge provides accurate readings and clear visibility.


The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research publishes a wire gauge chart on its website. The chart shows average wire gauges along with current limits for each gauge along with maximum amps for chassis wiring and maximum amps for power transmission. For simplicity's sake, the chart features


To check a tank level gauge, you must first gain access to it, which may require removing the instrument panel. Once you have access to the fuel gauge's wiring, connect the back of the fuel gauge to the ignition switch with a jumper cable, and turn the ignition on.


The Accutire MS 4021B standard digital tire gauge is the best gauge for most road cars, according to Car and Driver. This tire gauge has an LCD screen, sturdy plastic construction and a rubberized handle. It costs about $15, as of 2015.


To read a rain gauge, view the rain level, note the closest marking and carefully determine the measurement. While reading the gauge is easy, mistakes can occur.