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Get to the Bottom of Your Sore Throat. A scratchy throat can be more than just an annoyance. Experts offer tips for assessing your sore throat “threat level.” ... Calm a Nighttime Cough. Get a ...


One can get scratchy/itchy sensation in the throat due to a minute allergy or due to a serious condition like tonsillitis. However, in most cases one can find relief by opting for simple remedies. Here are the possible causes behind cough and scratchy throat and easy home care measures to reduce the severity of the condition.


To soothe an itchy throat, gargle salt water for 10 seconds and then spit it out. You can also eat a spoonful of honey or add some to your tea, which will coat your throat so it's less itchy. Also, make sure you're drinking at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day since dehydration can make an itchy throat feel worse.


An itchy throat and cough can be an annoying combination of symptoms with a wide variety of causes. Often referred to as a dry cough, this unpleasant condition can be a significant symptom of an infection or allergic reaction.If these symptoms appear without any additional problems, they may clear up with home treatment or rest.


Whether your sore and itchy throat is from a cold, bronchitis, flu, or laryngitis, lemon essential oil can help with your ailment. Other Ways To Get Rid Of A Scratchy And Itchy Throat Salt Water Gargles. One tablespoon of salt dissolved in eight ounces of water can work wonders for your itchy throat.


Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Barham on scratchy throat dry cough: Sore throat, crusty eyes and cough sound like a virus but not typical symptoms of the flu. Flu symptoms usually cause high fever, lethargy, body aches in the winter months depending on your location. If you are having difficulty swallowing due to your sore throat ...


She coughs sometimes because of the itching.Constant Itchy Throat with Cough. Answer. By Dr. Desiree Larenas-Linnemann and Dr. Gary Stadtmauer . Reviewing, we have a 62 year-old patient with a chronic complaint of an itchy throat and some cough that does not seem to improve with a change in environment nor with anti-histamines.


A sore or itchy throat and cough are two of the most common symptoms that bring people to a doctor. These symptoms often occur together, as irritation that causes your throat to be sore can also trigger a cough. A wide range of conditions can lead to cough and throat irritation, but the duration of ...


A dry cough and an itchy throat can be caused by several things, including environmental triggers, allergies, asthma, acid reflux and illnesses, such as the common cold, flu and strep, according to Mayo Clinic. Dry coughs may appear suddenly and go away quickly, but lingering coughs may indicate an underlying problem.


An itchy throat with a cough can be due to several causes, but usually making it feel better is relatively easy. If cough medicines are not helping, some studies suggest that using buckwheat honey may be more likely to soothe your throat.