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Sports fans can view the Big 12 scoreboard on the Big 12 Sports, ESPN and CBS Sports websites. Along with the scores, fans can view schedules, standings and statistics.


As of 2015, a good location to purchase a basketball scoreboard is Sportable Scoreboards. This company also carries scoreboards for many other sports.


Live scoreboards for college athletics can be found in a number of places online depending on the sport desired. For some sports, ESPN.com hosts a page with a scoreboard that updates each active game. If a sport cannot be found here, NCAA.com hosts a page for each sport it sponsors.


Live high school scoreboard reports can be accessed online on Fox 11 Online. There are live reports for girls hockey, boys basketball, boys football and others.


In most cases, operate a scoreboard by using a remote control. You must first enter the model code of the scoreboard. Depending on the sport, you are then prompted to enter the relevant information, such as shot clock time, penalty time and period time for a hockey game.


Affordable electronic basketball scoreboards include models made by Trigon Sports, Sportable Scoreboards and Champion Sports. Sites such as VarsityScoreboards.com and AnthemSports.com carry multiple options, as does Amazon.com.


The IHSA football scoreboard is a scoreboard for schools in the Illinois High School Association to post scores from inter-school football games. They also have scoreboards for a range of other sports.


The scoreboard at Fenway Park has been manually operated for Boston Red Sox' games since 1934. The scoreboard is at the bottom of the fence, which is known as the Green Monster.


The scoreboard at United Center, the arena where the Chicago Blackhawks play home games, displays the score, game time and other statistics. There is a large video screen displaying the action on the ice above the scoreboard.


The live ESPN MLB Scoreboard is available online at ESPN.com. From the ESPN homepage, navigate to the MLB tab and select the Scores option. This link takes you directly to the live scoreboard, which displays the day's current and completed games, their times, the channel that they are showing on, an