Binomial nomenclature is the system by which scientists who study living things classify these living things and give them universally recognized, scientific names. These names are used by scientists all around the world... More »

There are several rules to remember when writing scientific names; the two main rules are to write the name of a plant or organism with two names, a genus or generic name first, followed by an epithet or species name. Th... More »

There are international rules and codes established by the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature that dictate how insects and other animals are categorized. The classification of living organisms requires scienti... More » Science Biology

A short list of binomial nomenclature names includes Homo sapiens, Gorilla gorilla, Aloe polyphylla and Odocoileus virginianus. Homo sapiens is the name for human beings. It means "wise man." Homo sapiens is the only ext... More » Science Biology

The two word system that was devised for naming organisms is called "binomial nomenclature." "Binomial" is defined as "two names." More »

Biologists have developed a specific system for classifying all living organisms which is based on dividing all known organisms into groups according to common features which scientists believe are biologically significa... More »

Linnean classification is the traditional classification system of all living things. This system classifies plants and animals by body structure and a descending order of categories. These categories are kingdom, phylum... More »