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How to Operate a Scientific Calculator. This wikiHow teaches you how to master the basics of using a scientific calculator. Scientific calculators are must-have tools for higher math such as Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry. Find the...


What do the buttons on a calculator do? By. Ebuyer - July 2, 2014. ... This is a guide for a standard calculator, scientific or graphic calculators may have different/a lot more functions which take even longer to explain. ... you didn’t actually explain what the RCL button is for.


What Do the Keys on a Calculator Mean? There are many kinds of calculators, but most calculators have the same standard keys that allow users to complete a variety of calculations. The number keys and addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and equal signs are all very straightforward, but the functions of the other keys are not so well ...


written in orange above the calculator buttons. ON/C, OFF key Direct function Mode key This calculator can operate in three different modes as follows. <Example> W ritten in orange above the ON/C key <Power on> <Power off> 1. K E Y L AY OU T If the calculator fails to operate normally, press the reset switch on the back to reinitialise the unit.


This is a free online math/scientific calculator similar to those from TI, Casio, HP and others. It supports functions for algebra and trigonometry. Enter a formula either by typing on the keyboard (see keyboard input below), pressing the buttons on the calculator


Calculator Function Keys. Every function in the Calculator application has a keyboard equivalent associated with it. Table 8-1 lists each Calculator function with its keyboard equivalent. See the manual page for calctool for a more complete description of each function.


Want to know how to use your scientific calculator? We thought this might be useful - here's an an easy-to-follow step by step guide. All you need to do is watch, listen and learn. Visit www ...


Thanks for trying out the new Online Scientific Calculator. Alcula's scientific calculator is frequently updated with new functionalities. Please check the new features updates for information about recent changes., Also, keep in mind that it may have bugs. Always double-check your results.


In this section you will be asked to explore the functionality of your scientific calculator, and to use your calculator to solve some simple problems.Pay special attention to the order of entry of the key strokes. It might be helpful to consult the operator's manual that came with your calculator if you have any specific questions on how your calculator works.


Using the the Sin, Cos and Tan FUNCTIN button the scientific calculator