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The IPL’s Science Fair Project Resource Guide will help you through the whole project by guiding you to a variety of excellent web resources. How to Use the Resource Guide We recommend that you use the buttons above and go through The Steps in number order, at least the first time.


A detailed guide on how to use the steps of the scientific method to complete a science fair project. We're here to help you navigate STEM learning at home while schools and camps are closed due to COVID-19.


Science Fair Project Resource Guide Summary Website featuring links to reference sources to assist school-age students in choosing, completing, and displaying science fair projects. Contributor Names ipl2 Created / Published United States. Subject Headings ...


Science A-Z's Science Fair Resources foster authentic student inquiry and teach the practices of real scientists and engineers. Various guides and other resources support teachers, students, families, and judges through the process of conducting a science fair.

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The Secondary Science Fair Resource Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Students Anne Arundel County Public Schools Office of Science Updated August 2014


Science Fair projects can be a great way to have students explore the science and engineering practices (scientific method) that are emphasized in the Nest Generation Science Standards.Whether you primary class is doing a science fair project as a whole class or your older elementary students are doing a project as teams or individuals, these resources will help you through different aspects ...


1. Getting Started. Before you get started, you probably need to know more about what a science fair or project is all about. Of course, your teacher can tell you more about the science fair at your school, but the sites on this page can explain what science fairs are all about.


From coming up with a strong hypothesis to performing your tests to setting up your display board, our Project Guide is a step-by-step resource for participating in a science fair. Advanced Project Guide

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To ensure that science fair projects are done well, they should be started no later than the beginning of the school year. The student should make a planning timetable so that there will be sufficient time to carry out all the steps in the process.

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Science Fair Resource Guide provides students and teachers with all the step-by-step instructions, suggestions, information, guidelines, and forms needed for the development from the earliest stages of choosing a science fair topic to the ultimate final display at the science fair for judging.Includ