Science Bob has lots of popular projects including Build a Soap Powered Model Boat, Make your own Rock Candy, Blobs in a Bottle, the ever-popular Make your own Volcano, and Make a Levitating Orb. There are other fun proj...

Easy science fair projects include walking on eggs without breaking them and testing helmet effectiveness by using melons. Other fun and easy projects include using taco sauce as a cleaner and building a rocket with a fi...

The problem in a science fair project is the scientific question that the experiment attempts to answer. It should be phrased as a question and begin with a question word such as "how" or "why."


Examples of science projects can be found on Science Buddies, and Home Training Tools. These sites feature a variety of projects for science classes, fairs and home learning.

Some same and fun experiments to do at home include Blobs In a Bottle, The Exploding Lunch Bag and Make Your Own Rock Candy. These experiments require only a few common household items.

Constants in an experiment refer to things that do not change when repeating trials in the experiment. The two primary types of constants are physical constants and control constants.

The “Mentos Geyser” and “Orange Flash” are two science experiments that are both fun and educational. Supervision and face protection are recommended for these projects.