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An element is a substance composed of only one type of atom. There are more than 100 known elements, all of which are arranged according to their properties on the Periodic Table of the Elements.


As of 2015, Lenntech.com offers both an alphabetical chart of the chemical elements and a periodic table featuring the elements color-coded based on whether they are metals, nonmetals, semiconductors, inert gases, or lanthanides and actinides. To access the periodic table, click on Periodic table in


As of 2014, there are 118 elements known to science. The most recently discovered element, ununpentium, was confirmed in 2013.


Hydrogen and ununoctium are two examples of the more than 100 elements that have either been discovered in nature or synthesized by scientists. All of the elements are arranged in the periodic table, which organizes the elements based on atomic mass, number of valence electrons, and physical and che


As of 2014, there are 118 elements on the periodic chart.91 of these are generally in the list of naturally occurring elements, with atomic numbers 1 to 92. Technetium, element number 43, is radioactive with a very short half-life, so scientists initially did not believe it occurred naturally; such


Water is a molecular compound formed from the elements oxygen and hydrogen. It is the most abundant molecule on Earth and is essential to life on the planet.


Many different elements are named after people. Some are named after the scientist who discovered the element, while others are named in honor of a famous or noteworthy person.


Elements are named when a suggested name is approved by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). Most countries use the element name adopted by IUPAC. Names can come from many areas, including science, mythology, geography and chemical properties.


The elements of art, which are the basic components that underpin a piece of artwork, are line, shape and form, space, color and texture. These are integral to formally understanding and analyzing art.


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