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Definition of PHOTOTROPISM: A tropism in which a plant part becomes orientated with respect to the direction of light, ... The Science Dictionary is the most comprehensive source of science definitions online with over 38K science terms written and created by our global team of scientists and academic professionals. ...


Phototropism definition, phototropic tendency or growth. See more.


What is Phototropism? If you put a plant in a window, you may notice that, after a few days, it has bent toward that window. This is because the plant needs sunlight to make energy, so it grows ...


Phototropism Phototropism (pronounced foe-TA-tro-piz-em) is the growth of a plant in the direction of its light source. Plants are very sensitive to their environment and have evolved many forms of "tropisms" in order to ensure their survival.


Phototropism in plants is a process where a plant bends in response to sunlight or any other light source for the production of energy to stimulate the growth of the plant. In this content, definition, history, mechanism, types, an overview and role of phototropins and auxins are explained.


Science · Biology · Plant biology · Plant responses to light. Phototropism & photoperiodism. Phototropism, plant growth towards or away from light, and photoperiodism, regulation of flowering and other developmental transitions by day/night length. Plant responses to light. Phototropism.


Phototropism in plants refers to the direction of plant growth in relation to a light source. Positive phototropism is growth towards a light source. Negative phototropism is growth away from light. These phenomena are easily observable through phototropism experiments that anybody can do.


Phototropism is the growth of an organism in response to a light stimulus. Phototropism is most often observed in plants, but can also occur in other organisms such as fungi.The cells on the plant that are farthest from the light have a chemical called auxin that reacts when phototropism occurs. This causes the plant to have elongated cells on the farthest side from the light.


Other articles where Phototropism is discussed: plant development: The emergence of the seedling: Light affects both the orientation of the seedling and its form. When a seed germinates below the soil surface, the plumule may emerge bent over, thus protecting its delicate tip, only to straighten out when exposed to light (the curvature is retained if the shoot…


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