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Phys.org and the websites of the ScienceDaily and Discover Magazine are three sources for current events and issues in earth science, as well as other branches of science. EvolutionNews.org is a website of the Discovery Institute, and it publishes current evolution debates in earth science and biolo


News-O-Matic, NBC Learn, Here There Everywhere, and dogonews.com are a few resources for kids to read current event articles. Each of these resources provides news articles that are written to be age appropriate and easy to understand for children of specified ages.


Two sources for science articles for students are the Student Science branch of the Society for Science and the Public's website and the Smithsonian Institute's TweenTribune website. National Geographic Kids, a branch of the National Geographic website for kids, offers science articles on animals an


Many websites, such as ScienceDaily.com, SciencesNews.org and Scientific American feature topical news stories that are updated daily. Readers can search by the branch of science most interesting to them, or read front page articles, as one would in a standard newspaper or magazine.


As of December 2015, some current health articles include "Watching TV Might Slow Your Brain" and "Gaining Weight Between Pregnancies Increases Risk of Infant Death." Both of these articles are available online from Medical News Today.


One way to search for articles on ScienceDaily is to type a subject or keyword into the search bar located on the upper right-hand corner of the home page. Click the magnifying glass icon, and browse the articles that come up relating to the subject or keyword entered.


Popular Science and Live Science publish short articles on science. Popular Science’s online portal augments its monthly print magazine, and Live Science syndicates its articles to news sources including Yahoo!, MSNBC, AOL and Fox News. Articles in both publications detail new breakthroughs in scien


Publications with articles about animal science include the Journal of Animal Science, Animal Frontiers, Animal Genetics, Livestock Science and the International Journal of Poultry Science. The American Society of Animal Science also publishes articles and newsletters on its website.


A collection of middle school level science articles such as stories on climate change and robotics can be found on DOGONews.com and SocietyForScience.org. Another good resource for middle school science articles is TweenTribune.com, which contains pieces such as "What’s the deepest we’ve ever dug i


New Scientist Magazine is an established weekly science and technology publication. The magazine is known around the world as a leader in detailed science and technology information with a community of readers that includes both scientists and average news readers alike. Popular topics include disco