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Vintage Schwinn serial number lookup. ... It will not identify the model of the bike, only the year the frame itself was manufactured. Schwinn Bikes > Serial Numbers. This site provides historical information about vintage Schwinn bicycles. We are Anna and Patrick Sexton. We created and coded this site together.


Schwinn Serial Numbers and Date Codes: Dates between 1948 and 1958 are available because Schwinn kept good records. From 1958 on, several different coding systems were used, from which the manufacture date (and often the assembly date) can be decifered.


A serial number located on a rear drop out. Some BMX bikes and a few Schwinn bicycles place the serial on the rear dropout. On older Schwinns there are numbers stamped on both the drive side and non-drive side rear dropouts; the one on the non-drive side dropout is the serial number. Some bikes have multiple serial numbers.


Hello, my name is Patrick Sexton and I am the creator of schwinncruisers.com and I have exciting news. I have taken all the schwinn serial numbers from several databases and made a tool that automatically searches for it. This means you can enter a vintage (1948-1982) schwinn serial number and get info about when it was manufactured.


SCHWINN DATE CODES BY THE YEAR, MONTH AND DAY ... All serial number records before 8/18/1948 were lost in a factory fire. ----- IF THE SERIAL NUMBERS ARE FOUND UNDER BOTTOM BRACKET (On The Bottom Of The Frame, Under The Pedal Crank Housing) ... (By The Schwinn Badge On The Front OF The Frame)


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I need some help on a serial number. The bike has a head badge that says Shwinn Chicago. It is a Cruiser 5. The serial number is BV 10052. I can not locate BV serial numbers and for all purposes the lists stop at 1982. If it was past 1982, I thought Chicago was out of business. Any help or direction would be great.


The model year of a Schwinn bike produced in 1948 or later can be determined by locating the bike's serial number and comparing it to a serial number and date chart. Serial number information from before 1948 was lost in a factory fire and is extremely sparse. Schwinn serial numbers may be found in several different places on the bike.


Serial Numbers Chicago built Schwinn Serial Numbers for the years 1960 - 1969 are found on the left rear axle-hanger or fork-end on the frame; for the years 1970 - 1979 (Chicago built) they are on the headtube of the frame where the fork enters from the bottom (actually, this begins in April of 1970).


Take the date of production gathered from the serial number, the model printed on the bike itself, and the overall visual design and compare it to a Schwinn pricing table like that found at OldRoads.com. OldRoads.com will provide some information about Schwinn bikes and pictures of them.