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fairly shapeless cells, that have little troughs on their surface. The axons of neurons that have small diameter axons often just sit inside these troughs but their somas and their axon terminals extend outside of the schwann cells


This is also called a vestibular schwannoma. It is a benign tumor of Schwann cells which grows on the vestibular portion of CN VIII in the internal acoustic meatus. Early presentation is vestibular and/or hearing abnormality. Later presentation may include other cranial nerves or increased ICP.


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Schwann cells are flattened cells whose cytoplasm contains a flattened nucleus, a small Golgi apparatus, and a few mitochondria. What is the plasmalemma of the Schwann cell? Electron microscopy has revealed that myelin is the plasmalemma of the Schwann cell organized into a sheath that is wrapped several times around the axon.


What Is the Function of the Schwann Cells? Schwann cells are the principle glia, which are neuron supports, in the peripheral nervous system. Schwann cells make up what is called the myelin sheath around the axon of the neuron. The function of this sheath is to protect and direct the nerve impulses. ... schwann cells quizlet theodor schwann ...


Small, wandering cells that engulf cell debris and pathogens in the CNS are called satellite cells. ependymal cells. oligodendrocytes. microglia. astrocytes microglia The neurilemma of axons in the peripheral nervous system is formed by oligodendrocytes. astrocytes. microglia. Schwann cells. satellite cells. schwann cells


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