What is a collection of nerve cell bodies outside of the central nervous system called? ... Schwann cells are functionally similar to ______. a. microglia b.

They are mitotic. The part of a neuron that conducts impulses away from its cell body is called a(n)_____. ... Schwann cells are functionally similar to _____.

ependymal cells. Which of the following is not a function of astrocytes? provide the defense for the CNS. Schwann cells are functionally similar to ______.

Neuroglia in the PNS include Schwann cells and satellite cells. ... Schwann cells are similar in function to oligodendrocytes and microglial cells. ... Functionally, the schwann cells are similar to oligodendrocytes of the central nervous system ...

B) The release of neurotransmitter molecules gives cells the property of being electrically coupled. ... Schwann cells are functionally similar to ______.

Interestingly, the synapse-promoting activity from astrocytes and Schwann cells was functionally similar: Schwann cells also promoted synapse formation ...

Cellularity: "The nerve cell is the fundamental structural and functional element of ... Electron microscopy of similar specimens simply adds more finely resolved detail. .... Myelin is formed by support cells (Schwann cells in the peripheral nerve  ...

perform a similar function in the peripheral nervous system; can wrap around only one axon; there are two types: ... How are oligodendrocytes similar to Schwann cells? .... What are Schwann cells functionally similar to?

Schwann cells or neurolemmocytes are the principal glia of the peripheral nervous system .... combination with other therapies such as Chondroitinase ABC have also been shown to be effective in functional recovery from spinal cord injury.

Which of the neuroglial cell types shown are found in the PNS? back 1. E. front 2 ... front 21. Schwann cells are functionally similar to ______. back 21.