Possible career opportunities for people who earn a Ph.D. in education include administrative positions in public schools or at the college level, teaching positions in colleges and universities, research positions in ed... More »

A Ph.D. degree is a graduate degree beyond the master’s level that typically takes four to eight years to complete at most U.S. universities. Required coursework takes two to three years, followed by a dissertation, whic... More »

Some of the most reputable colleges offering Ph.D. programs are Harvard University, Stanford University, Arizona State University and New York University. Harvard and Stanford were among the colleges ranked as the best i... More »

Finding jobs for geology majors often involves working with career placement professionals, such as student advising and services, in colleges to find internships and job opportunities after graduation. Professional plac... More »

Tips for finding government jobs in Michigan include visiting GovernmentJobs.com to locate career opportunities with the state government, checking during different times of the year for seasonal positions and reformatti... More »

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To apply for Ph.D. admission, first research the schools that offer a Ph.D. in a field in which you wish to be degreed. Take the Graduate Record Examination, or the GRE, and earn at least the minimum score required by th... More »

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Specific times vary by program and student, but a July 2012 CBS Money Watch article indicated that average length of Ph.D. program completion was 8.2 years. Just over half, or 57 percent, of doctoral students complete th... More »