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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Wiki to Manage Your IT Projects Wikis can work wonders as project management tools--if you understand their limitations and know how to use them ...


the wiki has no predetermined structure - consequently it is a flexible tool which can be used for a wide range of applications there are a wide range of open source software wiki's to choose from so licensing costs shouldn't be a barrier to installing an institutional wiki Disadvantages. Advantages in one context, may be disadvantages in another.


Perhaps the two main big advantages of wikis, blogs and podcasts are their ease of use and the availability of many Open Source/free or low-cost software and hosting options to run them. Examples of the latter include MediaWiki (Open Source – the same software package that runs Wikipedia) and Google Blogger (free) .


Collaborative work is an essential part of the business working environment. In this lesson, you will learn the uses, advantages and challenges of wikis in the workplace.


Wikis has many advantages with that being said it has fair amount of disadvantages as well. With many advantages there is still a place of improvement same thing goes for wikis. There are numerous disadvantages for example people believe it’s not secure, don’t share data well and etc. Wikis aren’t secure Many people use wikis…


After I did visit a wide range of blogs and wikis and combined research, I found out that despite of the fundamental differences, both of blogs and wikis share some common advantages and disadvantages, my reflections on them are shown as the following points.


In some sections of the country, politics disadvantages are frowned upon because they link to virtually every affirmative plan, destroying the on case debate and focusing solely on the disadvantage. Supporters, however, say the politics disadvantages are "real world" and provide education on how bills are passed and politics in general.


Disadvantages:Because it can take years, in some instances, to write and publish books, they are not always the best sources for current topic. Journals/Journal Articles. Advantages: The articles found in many scholarly journals go through a "peer-review" process. In other words, the articles are checked by academics and other experts.


Wikis in Higher Education: Pros, Cons, and How-Tos ... to understand the advantages of this technology. Characteristics of a Wiki ... Allow groups of students to build a wiki for the creation of a shared academic deliverable (i.e. research projects, presentations, reports).


Advantages of Journal: The following arte the advantages of journal: Each transaction is recorded as soon as it takes place. So there is no possibility of any transaction being omitted from the ...