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An online appointment scheduler is a type of online platform that manages scheduling and calendars for a business. This often includes allowing customers to book their own appointments online, but it can also simply provide a place for a business to track upcoming activities and obligations.


Patients can search and schedule doctor's appointments online through the website ZocDoc. If a patient is looking for a specific hospital, then he can check ZocDoc to see if the hospital is supported through the site.


The specific steps for scheduling an appointment depend on the type of scheduling software in use, with most containing tools for creating a new event at a specific time as well as the ability to include notes and links. The scheduling process typically occurs within the program itself by clicking o


Tips for effective appointment scheduling include contacting customers and leads outside of business hours, using an established script to structure the conversation and sending confirmation e-mails and reminders for established appointments and meetings. Contacting leads and prospects multiple time


As of December 2015, some free appointment scheduling software options include SetMore.com, SimplyBook.me and Coubic.com. SetMore.com is a cloud-based appointment scheduling system. It offers features such as SMS and Email Reminders, and users can integrate it with popular web applications, such as


Some good software programs that allow users to schedule and book appointments are FlexBooker, Acuity Scheduling, EZnet Scheduler and Square, according to TopTenReviews.com. Each of these products allows a user to access their schedule via a mobile device, schedule recurring visits, automatically se


To schedule an appointment to use services at Great Clips, go to the Great Clips online check-in tool by clicking on Check In from the home page. From there, enter a ZIP code and click on a location on the map to check in. Enter a name, phone number and number of guests, and then click Check Me In.


A passport is a document issued by the government of a country certifying an individual is a citizen of that country, About.com explains. Passports allow people to exit and enter their country of citizenship and travel to other countries.


Some U.S. passport services are accessible online. Travelers are able to find information about when passports are required, where passport applications are accepted and the status of applications. However, as of 2015, U.S. passport applications cannot be submitted online.


People looking for simple scheduling programs can consider ShiftPlanning and other similar websites. People looking for a more robust suite of tools might want to consider cloud enterprise resource management software, which generally provides integrated tools and scheduling programs.