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A few scavenger hunt ideas include "I have roads but no asphalt, rivers but no water" (a map) and "I reverse your view without moving" (a mirror). The best scavenger hunt clues give enough details that the object is discoverable, but it's not so obvious that the hunters...


One good riddle for a scavenger hunt is: "What is a coat that you can only put up when it's wet?" The answer is "paint." Good scavenger hunt riddles encourage participants to think outside of the box.


Free scavenger hunt riddles are available online at Scavenger Hunt Fun, Scavenger Hunt, Mall Scavenger Hunt and iMom. Scavenger Hunt Fun has riddles for a hunt that takes players all around the home, including the bathtub, mailbox and washing machine.


To build a scavenger hunt, a theme must first be picked, such as a birthday or Easter, and items will need to be hidden in an area so that others can find them as part of a hunt. Scavenger hunts can be fun activities to perform in the classroom, or they can be used as a...


A kids' scavenger hunt list is a list of specific items that need to be found during a children's scavenger hunt. The individual or team that finds all of the items on the list first is declared the winner. There is a variation of the scavenger hunt that determines the ...


Examples of scavenger hunt lists are available at Coolest-Parties' website, as are other party ideas that complement a scavenger hunt. Scavenger-Hunt-Guru's website also hosts dozens of scavenger hunt lists and numerous ways to customize them.


Some Christian scavenger hunt ideas include using specific Bible verses as clues to find items, using the verses to create a series of related clues that lead to a final item or creating original clues that allude to Bible concepts. The hunt can incorporate pictures of ...