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Scattered showers definition: showers that are scattered across an area, or that occur at intervals throughout the day | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


Scattered definition, distributed or occurring at widely spaced and usually irregular intervals: scattered villages; scattered showers. See more.


Scattered showers are series of showers or rain, whose intensity, location and timing are difficult to predict. The coverage area for scattered showers is around 50% of the area is likely to get rain.


'Scattered showers' means that during the time period, rain showers will be occurring in various parts of the affected region, not in all areas or at the same time.


A scattered shower is not considered widespread, but of greater occurrence than an isolated shower. Is lightning associated with rain or showers? Lightning is produced from cumulonimbus clouds (puffy clouds). Since showers also come from puffy clouds, lightning would be associated with showers.


The meaning of the words isolated, scattered and widespread is a common source of confusion in weather forecasting. Let's clear the air.


What does "scattered showers" mean -- and what does "isolated showers" mean. And what's the difference between the two? Posted June 17, 2008 10:40 a.m. EDT


Define scattered. scattered synonyms, scattered pronunciation, scattered translation, English dictionary definition of scattered. adj. 1. Loosely distributed; strewn: scattered grains of rice that lay on the sidewalk.


"Scattered" refers to the range of 30% to 50% coverage. So, even with "scattered" showers, half or less of the neighborhoods are expected to "get wet." For 60% and above, the terms most frequently ...


Meteorologists use the words "scattered" and "isolated" to describe the amount of area that is affected by random, disorganized showers or thunderstorms (or other specific weather events) at any ...