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Scattered thunderstorms mean at any one given time at least 30 to 50 per cent of the area could be affected by thunderstorms. On "scattered" thunderstorm days, the area will experience storms intermittently or "off and on" throughout a day, and may even experience multiple rounds of thunderstorms.


• Isolated severe thunderstorms possible, Limited in duration and / or intensity. Winds 40 - 60 mph. Low tornado risk. 2 SLIGHT ( SLGT ) • Scattered severe thunderstorms possible. • Short-lived and / or not widespread, isolated intense storms possible. One or two tornadoes.


Expecting an active weather pattern today starting in the afternoon and lasting through your evening hours. Several rounds of showers and thunderstorms are possible today and some of the storms ...


Isolated means that there is an isolated front, so the thunderstorm is in one spot. Scattered is any kind of storm, no isolated front.


Scattered vs Isolated thunderstorms. I came accross this very good/short article explaining the difference between Scattered and Isolated thunderstorms, and thought i'd share it the forum. Scattered vs Isolated Thunderstorms ? What is the Difference? Reply Reply Subscribe ...


Isolated is fewer than Scattered. National Weather Service forecasters will forecast "isolated" thunderstorms when we are pretty certain that storms are going to form, but we only expect them to affect about 10% of the area. In other words, 90% of the area won't get wet. "Widely scattered thunderstorms" means 20% of the area will be affected.


(WWLP) – The 22News Storm Team has issued a Weather Alert ahead of more strong/severe storms possible Thursday. Scattered storms, with occasional lightning strikes, are likely through 9pm.


Isolated and scattered mean just that. We need the rain badly, it's better than being evacuated because a brush fire is out of control 1/4 mile from your hotel/rental. 04-07-2009, 07:26 AM


Scattered Showers And Thunderstorms then Isolated Showers And Thunderstorms: 75° / 88° SSE 12 mph: Saturday Night: Scattered Showers And Thunderstorms: 76° / 87° SSW 7 to 12 mph: Sunday Night: Scattered Showers And Thunderstorms then Isolated Showers And Thunderstorms: 74° / 88° NNW 5 to 8 mph


Roztrúsené búrky vs Izolované búrky . Roztrúsená búrka a izolovaná búrka sú klasifikáciou búrok na základe času a priestoru. Počas monzúnových alebo daždivých období v ktorejkoľvek časti sveta nás bombarduje dážď, niektoré viac ako iné.