While it is normal for the scalp to burn slightly, tingle or itch during a hair color application, intense burning may indicate that a chemical burn is occurring or that there is an allergy to one of the hair color ingre... More »

The way to know if hair dye causes an allergic reaction is to check for signs or symptoms on the scalp or neck areas, such as redness, an itchy rash, inflammation or a burning sensation. Anyone allergic to hair dye may e... More »

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Remove hair dye from your scalp by applying hydrogen peroxide, then shampooing and conditioning your hair. This 10-minute procedure requires a wide-toothed plastic comb, hair clips, hydrogen peroxide, latex gloves, cotto... More »

Hair creme developer is the chemical added to hair color that helps the color to oxygenate and mix together to create the desired shade. The developer is what helps the color to attach to the hair shaft, lift color for l... More »

Fix a hair color mistake by washing the hair with a clarifying shampoo, then applying a color remover, followed by the application of a hot oil treatment or hair mask. You need clarifying shampoo, a color remover kit, an... More »

To avoid irritating the scalp and hair, wash it about four days prior to using a relaxer. Shampoo often contains ingredients that strip the hair and scalp of moisture and necessary oils. More »

An overnight hair mask is applied to the hair and the scalp and left on overnight. Overnight hair masks help improve hair texture and appearance. More »

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