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If you hold a standard certificate in Texas you must renew every five years. Renewal Requirements Continuing professional education (CPE) is required to renew a standard certificate. Classroom teachers must complete 150 CPE hours. If you hold a professional certificate you must complete 200 CPE


General certification and permit rules and requirements ; Application for certification procedures ; Technical assistance for SBEC Online ; Certification status ; Certificate renewal ; Assignment requirements; Much of this information may be located on the SBEC Home Page under "Certification Information"


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How to Renew SBEC Certification By Nate Lee . Smiling teacher in classroom with student. Texas’s State Board for Educator Certification, the agency that qualifies all education professionals to work in Texas public schools, encourages its educators to participate in ongoing activities designed to improve their abilities. The SBEC sets ...


www.sbec.state.tx.us Revised 9-30-05 ML CLASSROOM TEACHER - STANDARD CERTIFICATE RENEWAL AND CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATOR REQUIREMENTS GENERAL PROVISIONS FOR CERTIFICATE RENEWAL The renewal date of a Standard Certificate will be five years after the last day of the certificate holder’s birth month. If a teacher


SBEC Certification. December 10, 2012 by Brian Childs. Texas currently has a demand for new teachers, especially in critical shortage areas like special education, math, science and English as a second language. The state also offers financial incentives to teachers who work in these critical content areas and high-needs schools.


The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) shall ensure that requirements for renewal and continuing professional education are flexible to allow each individual educator to identify the activities he or she will complete to satisfy the SBEC's requirements.


State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) The 74th Texas Legislature created the State Board for Educator Certification in 1995 to govern the standards of the education profession in Texas. SBEC’s 15-member board oversees all aspects of the state’s standards-based licensure system to ensure that all Texas students have appropriately ...


Birth Month: The month of birth (1-12) Birth Day: The day of the month of birth (1-31)


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