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I am slowly working the bugs out of a new cam and head swap. I am having problems with the motor popping through the exhaust. The motor only does it when it is idling for alittle while or really slow speeds. There is no popping in at wide open throttle. The timing is 38 degrees. Any help on why...


That gasoline-gargling backfire exhaust sound some cars make decelerating, which can really only be described as “snap crackle popping,” has become pretty popular since motorheads almost ...


Hello; The most common thing for popping in the exhaust is excess air. It 's either too lean and thats the source of the air or there is an air leak in the exhaust somewhere. The pops are actually small explosions of fuel left over from poor burns.


Popping in the exhaust is caused by unburnt fuel exploding in the header or manifold. You may have incorrect timing, a lame cylinder that isn't burning all the fuel. You could have a burned exhaust valve. I'd first do a leak down test to verify percentage of cylinder sealing.


sbc popping need help. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jarred Hodges, ... Is it popping through the exhaust or carb? If exhaust its running to lean and through the carb to much advance. What color are the plugs. What fuel kind of fuel pump and Pressure.


For the exhaust manifolds you can feel around the back of the drivers side exhaust manifold (while the engine is cold of course ) to see if its missing one or both of the rear two exhaust manifold bolts, though I haven't seen the drivers side manifold crack myself.You may be able to visually check if the bolts are there but its harder to do especially with the manifolds going over the spark .....


The general rule of thumb is to tighten the adjustment screw (s) into the carburetor with a screwdriver while the engine is idling until the engine speed starts to increase, then loosen the screw (s) half a turn. If the fuel is contaminated with water or dirt, this too will result in a lean air/fuel mixture.


Super lean mixtures will smell rich out the exhaust because super lean burns slow and late. Popping happens with lean not rich. Therefore, don't assume that rich exhaust means a rich mixture. It...


More Backfiring Through Exhaust ... 496 Big Block Chevy Comp Cams 280H Cam Hedmann Headers Holley Strip Dominator Intake Edelbrock 800 CFM Carburetor MSD 6AL MSD Billet Distributor (Mechnical Advance) MSD Blaster 2 Coil MSD Super Core wires (8.5mm) Problem began as a slight miss/backfire on acceleration. I thought it might be due to plugs being ...