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To calculate biweekly salary, divide the annual salary by 26, according to Carol Deeb for the Houston Chronicle. For instance, a $50,000 annual salary is divided by 26 to get a biweekly salary of $1,923.08.


Term deposit rates are calculated through the compilation of variables including investment term, deposit amount and interest rate. Financial institutions calculate the interest rates they offer customers by examining the potential profitability of a customer's deposit. For example, if a customer pl


An employee on a biweekly pay schedule receives a paycheck on the same day every other week. To calculate paydays on a biweekly schedule, add 14 calendar days to the last payday. Scheduling a repeating event in an application like Google Calendar can provide an easy reminder.


After a deposition, an attorney begins the process of analyzing the collected statements and preparing strategy for the case. Depending on the information given at a deposition, attorneys may discuss the case and decide to settle without the need for a trial as is observed on Avvo.com


Giving a deposition, which is a pre-trial testimony taken under oath, is much like giving testimony in court, except there is no judge present, according to FindLaw. The opposing lawyer will ask questions regarding the case, and the answers are recorded by a court stenographer.


Most biweekly mortgage payment programs come from third-party servicing companies who handle payment and billing services for banks and mortgage lenders, reports Sun West Mortgage Company. Many of the well-known banks and mortgage lenders do not offer biweekly mortgage payment programs.


A deposition is a way for attorneys to question witnesses in a civil lawsuit in a setting outside of the courtroom. The type of questions that are asked are dependent upon the type of case that is pending.


To use a U.S. savings bond calculator, enter the information from the face of the bond into the calculator, and click on Calculate. The calculator displays the current value of the bonds, explains TreasuryDirect.


Biweekly payrolls pay employees every two weeks, such as on every other Friday. The paycheck may be for the hours worked during the days immediately before the payment date, or there may be a lag of one pay period before payment.


Biweekly unemployment claims may be filed online in many states. Pennsylvania, for example, recommends online service as the best way of filing a biweekly claim.