Artists Washington Irving and Thomas Nast are credited with being the reasons why Santa wears red clothes. Santa Claus was first given a red waistcoat back in 1809 by Washington Irving and given a full red-and-white suit... More »

In Madagascar, Santa Claus is called "Dadabe Noely" in Malagasy and "le Bonhomme Noel" in French. Santa Claus in Madagascar wears a red suit with white fur trim and brings gifts, much like Santa Claus in the United State... More »

Saint Nicholas was a Bishop who lived during the fourth century A.D. in the city of Myra, located in what is now present-day Turkey. Santa Claus is a fictional character that is based largely on the stories of Saint Nich... More »

Santa Claus wears red and white because the legend comes from the Dutch folk tale of Sinterklaas, who had a white beard and wore a red bishop's miter. Cartoonist Thomas Nast drew the character for more than 30 years, fin... More »

The mythical father of Christmas doesn't actually have a house or mailbox, but you can address Santa mail to Santa Claus, North Pole, or any similar variation. The United States Postal Service accepts Santa letters throu... More »

A letter to Santa should include an appropriate greeting and an identification of the letter's author as well as an inquiry into how Santa is doing. A child might also include a request on behalf of another person or dra... More »

Some Santa Claus workshop games are Christmas Invasion, Santa's Workshop and Present Pileup. Christmas Invasion, also called Christmas Crusades, is a point-and-shoot game in which players shoot holiday treats at critters... More »