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Sea Cliff is ranked as the best San Francisco neighborhood to live in. It's located in northwest San Francisco and is characterized by large houses with ocean views, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands. Sea Cliff also has one small public beach named China Beach.


The city of San Francisco is technically in San Francisco County, but the city and county of San Francisco are the same entity. San Francisco is the only consolidated city/county unit in the state of California.


Some hotels in San Francisco include Park Central Hotel, Hotel Nikko, Hotel Whitcomb, Clift and LeMeridien. Other San Francisco hotels are Hotel Diva, Argonaut Hotel and Parc 55 San Francisco, a Hilton Hotel.


San Francisco is located along the coastline of north-central California, at the north end of the San Francisco Peninsula, which separates San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean. The central part of the city encompasses nearly 47 square miles and is surrounded by water on three sides.


Get a copy of a birth certificate for the most recent three years from the San Francisco Department of Public Health Office of Public Records by completing an application, showing ID and paying the fee. Obtain birth certificates from more than three years ago at the Office of the County Clerk.


San Francisco's public transportation system began with the cable car, which launched in 1873. Before that competing horse-car companies served the city, often coming up with strange routes to preserve individual franchise rights. Over time the street car, motor bus, trolley bus, a light rail system


As of 2014, there were only six occasions in the preceding 150 years when 1 inch of snow or more accumulated in San Francisco. The hills surrounding San Francisco may occasionally have snow, but snowfall within the financial district of San Francisco is quite rare.


The California State Board of Equalization publishes the sales tax and use rates for all California cities, including San Francisco, on its official website, BOE.ca.gov. The website organizes rates by city in an alphabetized format for ease of use.


As of 2015, the San Francisco Herb Company is located at 250 14th Street, between South Van Ness Avenue and Mission Street, in San Francisco, California. The store's phone number is 415-861-7174, and the San Francisco Herb Company offers online shopping at SFHerb.com.


Publications for finding live theater in San Francisco include The San Francisco Weekly, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, The Eastbay Express and San Francisco Theater. The New York Times also lists major theater events in San Francisco in its “National Listing” section.