provides the official manuals for the Galaxy S4, as of 2015. The website provides multiple versions of manuals for variations of the phone model. More » Technology Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy S4 manual is available for viewing online on the Samsung website. Either navigate to the Support section of the website, or perform a search for this device using the search box on the Samsung home pag... More » Technology Mobile

The manual for the Samsung Galaxy 4 phone is found on You can access it from the Owners and Support section of the website. More » Technology Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S5, the former flagship Android smartphone, is newer, larger, packs more features, and costs slightly more than the Galaxy S4. Galaxy S5 was launched in February 2014, while the S4 came out around a year e... More » Technology Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy S5 manual is available on The website provides an option to choose the manual for the particular model of your Galaxy S5 from the drop-down menu provided on the support page. Alternatively... More » Technology Mobile

"Smart stay" is a feature on the Galaxy S4 that senses when the user is looking at the phone's screen. This allows the device screen to stay lit even while the user is not physically touching the screen, and timeout corr... More » Technology Mobile

To get a manual for the Samsung Galaxy S3, download it from the Support section on after selecting the device from the list of products, or navigate to and download it from the Samsung Phones s... More » Technology Mobile