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Sample expense report forms are available from Vertex42, where you can download the expense report template for free. Expense report forms are available in Excel 2003, OpenOffice and Google Sheet formats. Once you've entered the relevant information, the template makes ...


Samples of reports are useful because they provide a finished example of how a document is meant to look. This allows a writer to review style and formatting and compare works in progress to a determined sample. Working with a sample removes confusion from the writing p...


A good sample credit report includes personal information, past and present credit status, information acquired from the federal district bankruptcy records, a current credit score and the names of individuals or organizations who have requested a copy of a person's cre...


Hewitt Homeschooling, Professay.com and Lanternfish are some of the many educational websites that provide book report templates, formats and samples. These websites also indicate the grade level for which the sample book reports are appropriate.


An expense report includes amounts spent by an individual while performing necessary job functions, according to Entrepreneur. Such expenses may include charges for meals, transportation, hotels and equipment. Expense reports are particularly important to keep if an emp...


North Carolina State University offers multiple sample lab reports on its website for students taking biology and chemistry laboratory courses. The Penn State University website hosts sample lab reports for physics and computing laboratory courses.


Obtain a sample audit report by visiting the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' website. In addition, actual audit reports are available by searching for any publicly traded company's annual 10K statement.