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Sample court documents are online at LLRX.com and NCSC.org as of 2015. LLRX.com has links to 533 pages of forms posted by state and federal district, circuit and bankruptcy courts. NCSC.org has links to publicly accessible case information by state.


A sample of tender documentation for engineering or building projects is available at TidyForms.com. Additional samples of some of the sections that are commonly included in tender documents are available from EBRD.com.


An invoice is a document issued by a seller to the buyer stating what the buyer owes him. It has information such as the contact details of both the seller and the buyer and the quantities and costs of the goods or services provided by the seller.


In sociology, sample process recordings are examples of fieldwork summaries or journals completed by students conducting client intervention. They serve as examples of how a student should construct her own process recordings when she performs fieldwork consisting of interactions with clients.


Good samples of lease termination documents are available at Biztree.com and FindLaw.com. The information that is required to be in a lease termination letter may vary between locations, so it is important to understand local law before issuing a termination.


There is no single format for writing samples, as it depends on the university department or company involved. Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides directions and samples for a wide range of writing tasks, and WikiHow.com offers guidelines on choosing the right material.


A controlled document can be modified, reviewed and redistributed multiple times over its life cycle. This type of document is typically used for a reference, with some examples being technical drawings, procedures, data sheets, application forms, plans or contracts.


Business documents are files that provide details related to a company's internal and external transactions. Business documents may be digital, occurring as electronic files, or they may come in physical form, written or printed on paper. Some common examples of business documents include letters, i


Documentation in research is critical because it allows people reading a finished work to trace points and information back to their original sources and to discern what ideas belong solely to the author. This is particularly important for individuals active in similar fields, both for their future


Documents should be signed and dated, reviewed periodically and filed in a systematic manner. Specific industry retention periods must be adhered to, including archive periods. Develop internal policies and procedures to outline how long each document type is held for, the storage location and the d