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Multiple choice questions consist of a primary question followed by at least 2 possible answers. To answer the question, the test-taker chooses the best answer from the options given. This is a commonly used form of testing on an exam or quiz.


Careful consideration of each question posed and the possible answers provided help in deciding on the best answer to a multiple choice question. There are a few techniques that make finding the correct answer easier.


Sample ASE test questions are available at Tests.com and ASE.com, as of 2015. Additional sample questions and practice tests are available at ASETestPrep.com, FreeASEStudyGuides.com and ProProfs.com.


To create a multiple-choice spelling test, compile your list of words to spell, and write one sentence per word that includes that word. Make three incorrect alternative spellings for each word.


When contacting an employment reference, the checker should confirm the candidate's job title, duties, salary, and start and end dates with that company. One of the primary purposes of a reference check is to verify work history revealed on a job candidate's application...


Some good sample questions to ask during a reference check include "What is your relationship to the candidate?" and "Can you describe the candidate’s work performance?" Another sample question is "Why did the candidate leave the position?"


A sample survey question is, "Is smoking on campus an issue?" or "How satisfied are you with our customer service?" Survey questions need to be simple, unbiased and comprehensible in order for respondents to provide valuable, objective answers.