A sample motion to vacate is available from CreditInfoCenter. Visit the website, and click on the Forms link. Then choose Sample Letter 16 to view an example of a motion to vacate a judgment. More »

A motion to vacate is a decision by a court to cancel another court decision, states US Legal. In some cases, this results in a new trial either immediately or scheduled on a later date. More »

Depending on state law, civil cases allow individuals to schedule hearings by filing a motion, or noticed motion, according to the Superior Court of California. Motions are often urgent, and when using the ex parte motio... More »

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The purpose of a motion to reconsider form is to request a court, a government or a decision-making entity to reassess a decision, states USLegal. Differing state and federal laws determine the use of a motion to reconsi... More »

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Some places to find free court motion forms include the Michigan State Court Administrator's Office website and the New York State Unified Court System website. The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts offers a free ... More »

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Lawyers freeze assets during a divorce by filing a motion in court or obtaining an automatic temporary restraining order, or ATRO, according to Forbes magazine. In some states, ATROs are mutual orders that prevent spouse... More »

A motion for discovery is a motion made to the court by the party of a criminal proceeding or civil lawsuit to obtain information or evidence regarding the case, Free Advice explains. Discover is the process of receiving... More »