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Individuals seeking refunds for bond money paid to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in support of an immigrant do not need to write a letter, but they must submit an original bond receipt and bond cancellation form by mail, according to U.S. Immigration Bonds and Insurance Services.


A consumer who feels that they have been cheated can report the offense to several government agencies, reports NOLO.com. If the reporting doesn't result in a refund, a consumer can send a demand letter for the money and then file a lawsuit.


Counting money back, a method of making change, is done by counting out loud, starting with the purchase total until the total amount that the customer gave for the purchase is reached. The cashier increases the amount stated out loud as he adds on the amount of change he takes out of the cash drawe


The U.S. money supply is backed by faith in the value of money. There is an agreement among both parties in a transaction that money has a specific value. As long as the two parties agree on what that value is, then the money supply needs no actual material support.


The money supply in the United States is backed by the "full faith and credit of the United States." It is not backed by any physical asset.


Bail money is returned to the payer when the defendant has satisfied his legal requirements to the court, according to the Legal Aid Society. Failing to appear in court or fulfill other court requirements delays the return of bail money.


All Atkins products purchased at Atkins.com come with a satisfaction guarantee, which allows customers to return purchased items and receive a full refund or an exchange. The guarantee is a service attributed to WorldPantry.com, a third party that connects food product companies with customers.


Letters for money owed are documents that someone who is owed money provides to the individual who owes the money. The letters state that if the money is not paid within a certain time frame, the person who is owed money will take the matter to court, notes FindLaw


Sample request letters are available at websites such as SampleLettersWorld.com and WriteExpress.com, and you can use them as a guide to writing effective letters requesting that something be done. Examples of request letters are those asking for an interview, information, and the help of a third pa


A sample letter for a visa request should include a direct salutation to the specific consulate that the letter is being sent to, the name of the person re A sample letter for a visa request should include a direct salutation to the specific consulate that the letter is being sent to, the name of th