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Individuals seeking refunds for bond money paid to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in support of an immigrant do not need to write a letter, but they must submit an original bond receipt and bond cancellation form by mail, according to U.S. Immigration Bonds and Insurance Services.


Programs that provide free government grant money for education include the Federal Pell Grant, the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant and the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grants, the U.S. Department of Education notes. Grants are often referred to as


One type of grant money available for seniors as of January 2016 is home-repair-assistance grants, according to SFGate. The grants facilitate repair and maintenance of homes for the senior citizens. The grants are available through the Federal Repair Programs, State Weatherization Programs and State


Common scams involving federal grant money include being told that people need to pay a fee to get the grant, being told the grant is issued due to being a good taxpayer, asking for bank account information to send the money and any kind of grant being awarded without having filed for a grant. These


Veterans may be eligible for grant money under a variety of federal programs. However, not all veterans are eligible for every grant program, according to Benefits.gov.


Grant money can be used for several purposes. Grant money can be used for projects involved with making improvements to the education system and developing public infrastructure and facilities. Grant money is generally given to organizations seeking to support a specific purpose that is beneficial t


Letters for money owed are documents that someone who is owed money provides to the individual who owes the money. The letters state that if the money is not paid within a certain time frame, the person who is owed money will take the matter to court, notes FindLaw


Sample request letters are available at websites such as SampleLettersWorld.com and WriteExpress.com, and you can use them as a guide to writing effective letters requesting that something be done. Examples of request letters are those asking for an interview, information, and the help of a third pa


A sample letter for a visa request should include a direct salutation to the specific consulate that the letter is being sent to, the name of the person re A sample letter for a visa request should include a direct salutation to the specific consulate that the letter is being sent to, the name of th


A person writes a request letter to procure specific information. A request letter should contain the following information: return address, current date, receiver’s name and address, salutation, body of the letter, closing and signature. Write a request letter to ask for a job interview, a raise o